The x/leverage module keeps the following objects in state:

  • Registered Token: 0x01 | denom -> ProtocolBuffer(Token)
  • Adjusted Borrowed Amount: 0x02 | borrowerAddress | denom -> sdk.Dec
  • Collateral Setting: 0x03 | borrowerAddress | denom -> 0x01
  • Collateral Amount: 0x04 | borrowerAddress | denom -> sdk.Int
  • Reserved Amount: 0x05 | denom -> sdk.Int
  • Last Interest Accrual (Unix Time): 0x06 -> int64
  • Bad Debt Instance: 0x07 | borrowerAddress | denom -> 0x01
  • Interest Scalar: 0x08 | denom -> sdk.Dec
  • Total Borrowed: 0x09 | denom -> sdk.Dec
  • Totak UToken Supply: 0x0A | denom -> sdk.Int

The following serialization methods are used unless otherwise stated:

  • sdk.Dec.Marshal() and sdk.Int.Marshal() for numeric types
  • []byte(denom) | 0x00 for asset and uToken denominations (strings)
  • address.MustLengthPrefix(sdk.Address) for account addresses
  • cdc.Marshal and cdc.Unmarshal for gogoproto/types.Int64Value wrapper around int64

Note that collateral settings and instances of bad debt are both tracked using a value of 0x01. In both cases, the 0x01 means true ("enabled" or "present") and a missing or deleted entry means false. No value besides 0x01 is ever stored.

Adjusted Total Borrowed

Unlike all other quantities in state, AdjustedTotalBorrowed values are not present in imported and exported genesis state.

Instead, every time an individual AdjustedBorrow is set during ImportGenesis, its respective token's AdjustedTotalBorrowed is increased by the same amount. Thus, it is indirectly imported as the sum of individual positions.

Similarly, AdjustedTotalBorrowed is never set independently during regular operations. It is modified during calls to setAdjustedBorrow, always increasing or decreasing by the change in the individual borrow being set.

Token Registry

The 0x01 prefix above allows a governance-controlled Token Registry to be stored in state. The token registry is a list of all accepted base asset types and their parameters:

type Token struct {
    BaseDenom            string
    ReserveFactor        sdk.Dec
    CollateralWeight     sdk.Dec
    LiquidationThreshold sdk.Dec
    BaseBorrowRate       sdk.Dec
    KinkBorrowRate       sdk.Dec
    MaxBorrowRate        sdk.Dec
    KinkUtilizationRate  sdk.Dec
    LiquidationIncentive sdk.Dec
    SymbolDenom          string
    Exponent             uint32
    EnableMsgLend           bool
    EnableMsgBorrow         bool
    Blacklist            bool