End Block

Every block, the leverage module runs the following steps in order:

  • Repay bad debts using reserves
  • Accrue interest on borrows

Sweep Bad Debt

Borrowers whose entire balance of collateral has been liquidated but still owe debt are marked by their final liquidation transaction. This periodic routine sweeps up all marked address | denom bad debt entries in the keeper, performing the following steps for each:

  • Determine the about of Reserves in the borrowed denomination available to repay the debt
  • Repay the full amount owed using reserves, or the maxmimum amount available if reserves are insufficient
  • Emit a "Bad Debt Repaid" event indicating amount repaid, if nonzero
  • Emit a "Reserves Exhausted" event with the borrow amount remaining, if nonzero

Accrue Interest

At every epoch, the module recalculates Borrow APY and Lending APY for each accepted asset type, storing them in state for easier query.

Borrow APY is then used to accrue interest on all open borrows.

After interest accrues, a portion of the amount for each denom is added to the state's ReservedAmount of each borrowed denomination.

Then, an additional portion of interest accrued is transferred from the leverage module account to the oracle module to fund its reward pool.