Security & Audits

There are certain industry standards in place to help protect users, including the extensive auditing of code to find any potential weaknesses before a product is launched and any real money is at stake. Security is a priority for UX, which is why UX has contracted several top auditors to inspect every line of code and flag any potential vulnerabilities before going live.

PeckshieldUXv1.0 Peckshield Audit Reportopen in new windowJanuary 15, 2022
Trail of BitsTrail of Bits Full Auditopen in new windowMarch 5, 2022
HalbornWebApp Pentestopen in new windowMarch 17, 2022
HalbornUX Oracle & Price Feeded Security Auditopen in new windowJune 3, 2022
Least AuthorityPeggo Orchestrator Final Audit Reportopen in new windowJune 6, 2022
Runtime VerificationUX Leverage Module Audit Reportopen in new windowJune 9, 2022
HalbornUX Wasm Integration Final Audit Reportopen in new windowAugust 31, 2022