New Asset Listing Guide

The Listing Process

  1. Anyone can draft a proposal for a new asset to be listed on UX by following the guide (seen below) to create a "New Asset Listing Proposal" thread on UX's governance forumopen in new window.

  2. Once the thread has been shared and discussed, the proposal author can follow the guide (seen below) to submit the New Asset Listing Proposal on-chain for a signaling vote.

  3. After community governance has signaled support for a New Asset Listing Proposal, UX’s risk team will begin assessing the individual asset’s risk profile using a targeted risk framework which includes extensive market simulation modeling in order to customize risk parameters for each individual asset.

  4. Once the appropriate risk parameters have been determined for an asset, UX's governance facilitators will submit a Token Registry Proposal on-chain.

  5. When the Token Registry Proposal has passed the assets will automatically be available on UX's markets. It is up to the UX Core Team and other developers building on UX to make timely adjustments to front ends to better incorporate new assets.

Creating & Submitting the Proposal