Governance Proposals

New Asset Listing Proposals

Foundation Spend Proposals

Foundation Spend Proposals are used to request funds from the community & ecosystem pools to be sent to a specific wallet address. How community pool and ecosystem pool funds are spent is entirely up to community governance decisions.

A few ways in which the funds might be spent include:

  • Creating and funding various UX DAOs;
  • Liquidity mining incentives;
  • Funding large scale community events;
  • Grants to top contributors;
  • Strategically acquiring crypto assets to gain voting power in key protocols;
  • Burning mechanisms.

Parameter Change Proposals

Whenever a change is being made to the protocol, a parameter change proposal needs to pass through the governance process. Parameter change proposals need to be carefully discussed, reviewed, and tested since they will be automatically executed once passed.

Parameter change proposals can be made for altering things like:

  • Inflation parameters;
  • Staking parameters;
  • Governance parameters;
  • Distribution parameters;
  • Slashing parameters.