Community Support

TLDR: Community Support leaders help organize, moderate, and support community members across all active UX community channels.

To get started as a community support leader:


Identify underserved platforms and create and lead regional UX Community channels. Coordinate with other contributors to avoid unnecessary work - there is no need to volunteer as a moderator on channels that are already well-covered or channels that don't have an active community.

When submitting your work, providing a link to the community channel is enough - please don't link individual messages.

Moderating Community Channels

Creating New Channels


  • Communicate with your local community to ensure there is clear demand for the channel before creating it - only channels that are actively used can be considered valuable;
  • Disclose that it is a community-run channel and include links to official channels;
  • Appoint at least one other trusted community member as an admin so the account does not rely entirely on a single contributor;
  • Use a unique password and require 2fa for any admins;
  • Be respectful and avoid spamming existing channels in an effort to grow the channel;
  • Follow UX's branding guidelinesopen in new window.

Contribution Ideas

The following ideas are examples of contributions that may be considered valuable. Actual token allocations will be assigned at the sole discretion of the Community DAO Committee.

  • Create and moderate regional community channels (e.g. an "UX Spanish Community" Telegram channel) on regionally significant platforms as needed
  • Translate important announcements and lead regional communities on UX's official Discordopen in new window
  • Help troubleshoot common issues on Discord and/or other community channels
  • Create and distribute useful resources like infographics and tutorial gifs to help with troubleshooting
  • Lead productive conversations across community channels like Discord, Telegram, Reddit, and Commonwealth


  • Amount of value the contribution has brought or is expected to bring to UX;
  • Clarity of contributions on the submission form;
  • Professionalism;
  • Total amount of activity within managed channels;
  • Accuracy.

Submitting Contributions

Contributors who provide community support should submit their contributions for each community channel they provide support on ONCE per month.

Use this form to submit all community support related contributionsopen in new window.