TLDR: Educators are expected to create and distribute high quality educational content to help onboard the next generation of DeFi users to UX.

To get started as an educator:


Create and share high quality educational content that is easily understandable and ENGAGING! Avoid creating unnecessarily long content if it can be condensed and shared in a shorter format.

Educators are encouraged to focus on what they're good at, since quality is significantly more important than quantity. It's important to distribute educational content to the appropriate audience in order for it to be deemed valuable. Collaborate with your local community and the greater UX community on Discordopen in new window in order to determine the most effective distribution methods.

The purpose of educational content is to EDUCATE new and prospective users. Platforms like Medium will remove posts it determines to be advertisements or promotions.

Written Content

Video Content

Other Content

Creativity is encouraged! Podcasts, infographicsopen in new window, tutorial gifsopen in new window, and other forms of content that serve the UX community's educational needs are all welcomed.

Contribution Ideas

The following ideas are examples of contributions that may be considered valuable. Actual token allocations will be assigned at the sole discretion of the Community DAO Committee.

Explainer Videos, Articles, and/or Twitter Threads

  • Introduction to decentralized lending and borrowing
  • Introduction to the Cosmos Ecosystem and the major DeFi chains like UX
  • What are the flaws in legacy debt markets and current DeFi lending markets, and how does UX address them?
  • How is UX bringing the fundamentals of traditional debt markets to DeFi?
  • Where does yield come from on UX?
  • How are lending and borrowing rates determined on UX?
  • How is UX different from projects like Aave and Compound?
  • What is governance and why should someone participate?
  • Why are PoS based interest rates needed?
  • How can UX enable decentralized credit rating systems?
  • What possibilities can UX provide in the future? (think scalability, interoperability, and privacy)

Twitter Thread Tutorials

  • Transfer assets on to UX
  • Stake UX tokens
  • Navigate UX’s web app
  • Bridge Ethereum assets to UX
  • Lend stablecoins on UX
  • Borrow responsibly with UX
  • Use UX & Osmosis to leverage key assets
  • Participate in leveraged staking
  • Short assets with UX


  • Useful infographics that can be used in UX's official documentation
  • High quality gifs that can be used in UX's user guides


  • Amount of value the contribution has brought or is expected to bring to UX;
  • Clarity of contributions on the submission form;
  • Accuracy of the content;
  • Quality of the content;
  • Reach and engagement levels of the content submitted (content needs to be shared or easily shareable and actively utilized in order to be considered valuable).

Submitting Contributions

Contributors who create and distribute educational content should submit each individual piece of content separately immediately following publication.

Use this form to submit original educational content you createopen in new window.