To get started:


Contributors aren't limited to the outlined contributions. If you have a skillset that can be used to help educate, onboard, or improve the overall community experience feel free to put it to use and submit your miscellaneous contributions.

Check with the community on Discordopen in new window to make sure there is demand for the contribution in question before spending time on it.

Contribution Ideas

The following ideas are examples of contributions that may be considered valuable. Actual token allocations will be assigned at the sole discretion of the Community DAO Committee.

Community Events

  • Host and record community calls/Twitter Spaces to discuss all things UX with other key community contributors
  • Host virtual workshops to educate and assist in onboarding processes
  • Collaborate with other communities to co-host engaging events
  • Represent UX at local crypto events
  • Host IRL events to educate your local crypto community about UX

Technical Contributions

  • Discord tipbot
  • Liquidation alerts
  • Whale monitoring bot
  • Other helpful bots or dashboards


  • High quality designs for UX's social media, documentation, or blogs
  • Any other contributions that may be valuable for the UX community

Submitting Contributions

Contributors should submit each miscellaneous contribution once completed.

Use this form to submit other contributionsopen in new window.